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Our company name is a gift from the most significant drum in my native Senegalese culture: the Sabar.

SABAR team Dakar, Senegal
The SABAR-Team Dakar, Senegal

The one Sabar drum I brought with me from Senegal aroused so much curiosity among friends and acquaintances that I had to bring back more and more. The interest in „hot rhythms" was so great that we finally opened our store in Bremen in 1984.
We soon became regular customers for drummakers in Senegal and the Ivory Coast - the best craftsmen in the world.
We are thrilled about the many years' of cooperation we've enjoyed with them.

SABAR team Bremen, Germany
The SABAR-Team Bremen, Germany

In 1986, we presented our wares at the Frankfurt Music Fair for the first time. Our stand was encircled by the public and the press without pause. They'd never seen anything like this at the Music Fair before. Our then five-month old daughter slept on a balaphone through the whole thing.

In 1989, we added Native American drums to our selection. While visiting the Pueblo-Indians in Taos, New Mexico, we experienced first hand the way instruments are still used in traditional ceremonies there. The same year we were first time presenters at NAMM.

In 1994, we were presenters at PASIC in Atlanta and the Seattle World Rhythm Festival.
In 1994, we invited David Blanasi, an old didgeridoo master from Australia, to come to Germany. He shared with us his wonderful way of painting and playing the didgeridoo and gave us a brief, but most memorable impression of the spiritual magnitude of the Australian Aboriginal People.

So it is that our work has become a sort of „aid to developing countries" - this time with the shoe on the other foot!

Saliou M'Baye
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